Care Packages 5782

Pre-register to receive a Nishmat Shoom High Holy Days Care Package!

We are excited to open pre-registration for our ritual care package offering for this year’s High Holy Days! Last year, we delivered care packages to nearly 60 local community members and sent 150 machzors by mail to beloved community members outside our area. 

Registering for a care package is a two-step process: 

  • First, pre-register before June 23, 2021.
  • Then, fill out the registration form in August/Elul, which will give you an opportunity to select how you want to receive your package and will ask for your address (if needed). 

Everyone who pre-registers by June 23, 2021 will be guaranteed a care package.

We plan to have pick-up times for care packages in Northampton and will personally deliver packages to individuals within an hour’s drive of Northampton. We also can mail care packages to other locations within the U.S., or overseas, but request an additional sliding-scale donation to cover postage. (We will determine exact postage closer to the mailing date, but expect the cost for delivery in the U.S. will not exceed $15.50.)

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 Care Package Pre-Registration
 Past Events, Services, and Offerings

At this time, we are not making any announcements about what services or other offerings we may have in 2021. (That means we also can’t answer whether any services might be in person or virtual.) Please stay tuned for more information about that later this summer!

In August/Elul (the month before Rosh Hashanah), we will open our full registration form. At that point, anyone who is pre-registered will be asked to confirm their delivery method and to provide their address (if needed). Anyone who did not pre-register will have an opportunity to register then on a first-come, first-serves basis. We will do our best to make as many packages as we can, but cannot guarantee care packages that are requested after June 23.

As always, payment is never required for any of our offerings—but anything you’re able to donate will help to ensure that the bottom of Nishmat Shoom’s sliding scale is always $0. Additional donations are requested to cover postage for mailed packages.

Remember, the deadline to pre-register for care packages is June 23—so register now!

Complete the form below and be sure to hit the SUBMIT button. If you don’t see the SUBMIT button, scroll down until you do. (Scroll bar should be on the right of the form.)