Nishmat Shoom

Nishmat Shoom: The Soul—or Breath—of Garlic
We are a small group of people that includes queer and trans* artists, farmers, healers, educators, writers, organizers, witches, and spiritual leaders who came together in 2018 to reclaim the wisdoms and traditions of our ancestors, to connect with ourselves, land, each other, and spirit to dream, sing, pray, and work toward another world we know is possible.

We are non-Zionist and diasporist, traditional and non-traditional, experimental and emergent, rooted and radical. We believe that all land is holy and all people are chosen. We believe that rooting into our diverse, ancient and new Jewish traditions for sustenance and resource can support us in dismantling white supremacy and other structures of oppression—and help us move towards collective liberation. [Learn more about us.]

Four braided candles arranged in a square against a red tapestry background, with a single bright, lit tealight in the center.

Diasporism requires those who know and value past and existing tradition, and those who create new ones.

~ Melanie Kaye Kantrowitz

Experience the magic of Nishmat Shoom.

As we continue to live in pandemic times, our community continues to ground us—even at a distance.