Yizkor materials

We’re excited to share a new offering, a pre-recorded Yizkor service to accompany you this Yom Kippur, in addition to our text Yizkor Ritual Guide.  

The 26 minute recording, an adaptation of Nishmat Shoom’s Yizkor service from 5780, created by Jo Kent Katz, Margot Seigle, and EE Miller with vocal accompaniment by Sol Weiss & Aly Haplert. The words to the prayers and songs can be found in Nishmat Shoom’s Yizkor Ritual Guide and also in the 5781 Machzor supplement.

During the service we offered stones for participants to hold and place, as a memorial to Stones, text, glass bowl and hamsa at one of the community-generated sacred spaces for 5781.those we are remembering, beside the stones of others in our community. This year, stones can be placed on the altars we are stewarding in Northampton, Greenfield and Amherst or where your heart desires. May all their memories be a blessing.

Listen to the recorded Yizkor Service and the rest of the Yizkor playlist and find our text guide on the Yizkor ritual guide page.