Passover 5782

While we are still deep in our shmita year, we—like all of you—are thinking about Passover, just around the corner. Although we can’t be together again this year, feel free to use and adapt our Haggadah for 5781 for your own seders. Our Pesach SoundCloud supplement for the melodies has a few new additions to the playlist.

If you’re looking for more resources Jewish Voice for Peace has put together a number of offerings—including some developed with Nishmat Shoom founders. In Passover 5782: The Season of Liberation, you can find a guide for preparing for Passover, information about virtual seders to attend, haggadot and supplements, and an opportunity to join Counting of the Omer with Jewish Voice for Peace (starting the third night of Passover, April 17).

And, of course, we’d love to see how you’re celebrating Passover this year. Tag us on social media with @nishmatshoom and #nishmatshoom so our community can share and witness experiences of preparing for, observing, and reflecting on Passover 5782! You can also send us images to share at And be sure to check out posts in which Nishmat Shoom is tagged on social media, to see how other Shoomies are experiencing Passover!

Chag Pesach Sameach!