Our Structure

Chana and Dori enjoying meeting snacks during a planning meeting in 2019.


Nishmat Shoom’s structure is centered around six khuggim (circles), that each tend to specific aspects of our work.

The khuggim operate independently and generally meet monthly, with more meetings and interaction during the time leading up to High Holy Days. Each khug sends two representatives to monthly meetings of the Batzel Shoom (Garlic Bulb), in order to cross-communicate with other khuggim.

Structure Khug

  • Creates and maintains structures to support the organizing of Nishmat Shoom (including khuggim structure)
  • Crafts the organization’s Mission/ Vision/Values

Ritual Khug

  • Leads, plans, and coordinates rituals for events
  • Creates and gathers liturgy
  • Establishes core principles for how and why we hold ritual the way we do
  • Supports emerging leaders in learning to hold rituals  

Logistics Khug

  • Coordinates with venues, food providers, childcare and other logistical needs for events
  • Makes purchases
  • Manages finances 

Communications Khug

  • Releases publicity
  • Gathers and responds to feedback 
  • Updates and monitors social media
  • Manages the website
  • Maintains the mailing list
  • Handles outreach & networking 

Care and Safety Khug

  • Sets guidelines for accessibility
  • Provides emotional support and vibes-watching during events
  • Creates safety protocols that function beyond the police/prison industrial complex

Machzor Khug

  • Compiles liturgy and art for machzors
  • Designs machzors
  • Oversees printing of machzors
  • Note: Machzor Khug only operates in preparation for the High Holy Days and does not meet throughout the year.

Batzel Shoom

Batzel Shoom meets monthly to coordinate the work of all khuggim. It consists of two representatives from each khug, chosen by the khug members. The representatives are responsible for sharing updates from the khug, requesting answers or feedback on questions from the khug, and bringing information from Batzel Shoom back to the next khug meeting.

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