Who We Are

Nishmat Shoom Organizers

These are organizers who work year-round behind the scenes to make Nishmat Shoom happen.

Khuggim, or committees, are listed in parentheses next to each name. Find out more about our Structure.

Becca (Logistics, Machzor)

Chana Rusanov (Ritual, Machzor)

Darla (Logistics, Structure, Machzor) 

Dori Midnight (Ritual)

Emily Eliot Miller (Care)

Jo Kent Katz (Ritual)

Leigh Witzling (Care, Logistics)

Margot Seigle (Ritual)

Megan Lieff (Logistics, Communications)

Molly Bajgot (Ritual, Structure)

Ollie Schwartz (Care, Ritual)

Rachel Weber (Care)

Randy Furash-Stewart (Ritual, Communications, Machzor)

Romeo Romero Sigle (Structure)

Sol Yael Weiss (Ritual, Machzor)

Ty Power (Communications, Structure)

Zemora Tevah (Logistics)

In addition to our full members, we have a number of volunteers serving on khuggim and on a path to joining as full members.

And of course, we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our community: people who show up, offering their resources, time, and creativity to make our work a reality.
Interested in joining us?
Find out how on our Structure page!