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5782 Days of Awe

Nishmat Shoom is not offering live services for 2021/5782, but follow the link below to check out our other offerings!

High Holy Days Care Packages

Registration for care packages is closed. If you registered for a care package, delivery and pick-up information can be found in the confirmation email you received; some details also can be found on the Care Packages 5782 page.

Past Events, Services & Offerings

Passover 5781

For the second Passover during the pandemic, we were disappointed—like so many in our community—to be unable to gather in person with family, loved ones, and our beloved community. We compiled a downloadable Haggadah to share, based on the one we used for our in-person Passover Seder in 2019, and supplemented it with a SoundCloud playlist.

High Holy Days 5781

For the High Holy Days 5781, we offered our community an opportunity to chart their own path through the holidays, with our Menu of Opportunities for High Holy Days 5781. The Menu of Opportunities included a mixture of offerings from Nishmat Shoom—including virtual offerings, sacred spaces that people could visit in-person on their own, and ritual care packages—as well as suggested offerings by kindred organizations.

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