Care Packages 5782

Our care package registration is open!

We are excited to bring back care packages this year—filled with some magical goodies to help you move through (and beyond) this year’s High Holy Days, with some definite repeats from last year’s packages. Earlier this summer, we offered a pre-registration option and about 75% of our bags were claimed at that time. We are excited that we have enough bags to offer a limited second round of registration, while supplies last!

1) If you pre-registered, you don’t need to fill out this open registration form. You’ll receive email from us ( about your order.
2) This round of registration is while supplies last. Registering here does not guarantee that you will receive a care package. We will email you after August 8 to confirm that we are able to provide a care package for you and requesting a sliding-scale donation.

This year, we are pleased to offer care packages beyond the Northampton area, and will be able to offer packages via mail to locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico (shipping fees will be requested).

Care packages are expected to be delivered or picked up before the Days of Awe 5782 (starting September 6, 2021).

The deadline to register for care packages is August 8 and quantities are limited—so register now!

Complete the form below and be sure to hit the SUBMIT button. If you don’t see the SUBMIT button, scroll down until you do. (Scroll bar should be on the right of the form.)

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 Care Packages 5782
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At this time, we are not making any announcements about what services or other offerings we may have in 2021. (That means we also can’t answer whether any services might be in person or virtual.) Please stay tuned for more information about that later this summer!