Sacred Spaces 5782

Visit our Sacred Spaces for the Days of Awe!

Our Sacred Spaces are community-stewarded altar sites intended to give you and your loved ones a place to pray and reflect, while prioritizing the physical safety of our collective neshamas (souls) and bodies.

Throughout the month of September, you are invited to visit our four themed spaces as you move through the Days of Awe.

About the Sacred Spaces
KADDISH- Grief and Mourning (Greenfield)
T’SHUVAH- collective transformation/transformative justice (Easthampton)
TZEDAKAH- reparations/redistribution/collective care (Northampton)
T’FILAH- cultivating Divine-connection/ prayer (Amherst)

About the Sacred Spaces

Our desire is to provide the opportunity for our community to feel held while we dive deep into these holiest of days at a distance. Our blessing is that your visits allow you to touch the nourishment, grounding, healing energy, and connection that exists within our community even/especially during this great (re)turning. 

We encourage you to leave offerings in the energetic form of song or prayer and the physical form of art or symbols of the season harvested from the land. Your energetic and concrete offerings support those who visit, allowing them to feel held by these spaces and by our larger community. 

In order to prioritize safety, we are making a strict request that you visit these sites on your own, with a chevrutah (prayer comrade) or with your pod. These spaces are not designed or intended for large collective gathering. We ask that everyone respect this request and actively encourage others to do the same. 

Important note: If any issues arise (especially hate speech or problems of that nature) at any of the Sacred Spaces, please call us immediately at 413-341-0421. Our Care Khug members will talk with you and coordinate a response. (If there is no answer, please leave a message.)

Kaddish artwork banner by Megan Smith
Kaddish artwork by Megan Smith for Nishmat Shoom

Kaddish- Grief and Mourning (Greenfield)

Location: Just Roots Farm, 34 Glenbrook Dr, Greenfield, MA 01301 [Google map]

Open Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Just Roots includes an operational vegetable farm and community garden. You are so welcome to wander the farm and garden, but please do not go inside structures (e.g. barn, greenhouses) or handle equipment. There are no staff available on Sundays, but Mon.-Sat. there are staff until 5pm if you need support.

Parking: Once you turn onto Glenbrook Drive, you will pass a few structures on the right (a family home, then a big farmhouse with a semicircle in front, then the Just Roots barn). Drive past these and down the hill, and past the main parking field on your right. You will soon see greenhouses and the community garden. Turn left off the main gravel road and onto the grass to find community garden parking (in front of the solar panel).

Directions: Once you park, look for Nishmat Shoom signs to guide you through the community garden to the Medicine Garden (which is labeled), beyond.

Accessibility: This site is flat grass and not paved. The paths are generally wide enough and firm enough for a wheelchair to access them, but the terrain can be muddy after rain. From the community garden it is approximately 100ft to the sacred space in the medicine garden.  If you need to drive all the way to the sacred space, please contact Andy one day in advance at

Bathroom: A porta-potty is located at the base of the barn in the main parking field. You can drive right up if needed!

Other important information: As a working farm, there can be a lot going on—farm trucks and tractors driving past, for example— so please be aware of your surroundings. Keep a careful eye on your children, if you bring them, and keep dogs on leash.

In the mornings and evenings, the mosquitos can be intense, especially during wet weather, so bug spray and/or layers may be a good idea.

You can harvest modestly from the medicine garden where the sacred space is set up, but not from the rest of the Community Garden or the fields, which are tended to by individual community gardeners and the farm team.

T’shuvah artwork by Sol Yael Weiss

T’SHUVAH-Collective Transformation/ Transformative Justice (Easthampton)

LocationPark Hill Orchard, 82 Park Hill Rd, Easthampton, MA [Google map]

Open Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Parking: The parking area is at the big Park Hill Orchard sign across the street from the farm stand.

Directions: Go down the dirt road at the end of the parking area. Follow the road until it ends. The sacred space will be visible to your left. There will be signs lining the path, which is 0.2 miles, with a gentle downward slope. The road is dirt and has stones.

Accessibility: The dirt path to the site is wide enough for off-road wheelchairs to access but is not suitable for all wheelchair models. The path is a 0.2 mile gentle downward slope. The site is flat grass. 

Bathroom: There are wheelchair-accessible bathrooms to the left of the farmstand.

Tzedakah artwork created by Laura Evonne Steinman for Nishmat Shoom

TZEDAKAH- Reparations/ Redistribution/ Collective Care (Northampton)

Location: Farm Hands PreSchool, 47 Henry St, Northampton, MA 01060 [Google map]

Open Hours: Weekdays: 5pm until dark, Weekends: anytime

Parking: There is ample general parking on the surrounding streets: Hockanum St, Valley St, and Williams St., which are all a ~5 minute walk on flat pavement from the sacred space. If you need accessible parking, you can park in the Farm Hands driveway to the left of the house upon arrival.

Directions: Look for the Nishmat Shoom signs to guide you!

Go down the gravel driveway and pass on the right of the preschool’s yurt.

Behind the yurt, there is a grassy area and a fence; go through the opening in the fence (straight ahead to the left) and follow the path into the back field. Almost immediately, there is a short path on the right that ends at a mowed circle looking out onto a big willow tree. You made it!

In the space, there is a large banner, an altar space and benches, and additional plastic chairs behind the altar.

Banner by Laura Evonne Steinman @colorles

There is also a small table with a lid that lifts, in which you may find additional supplies (e.g., tea light candles).

Demonstration by Jessica, a member of the Tzedakah Sacred Space team.

Accessibility: This site is not paved; it has a flat gravel driveway leading to a flat, mowed, grassy area. The paths are wide enough and firm enough for a wheelchair to access them. The Sacred Site is approximately 200ft from the driveway of Farm Hands.

Bathroom: There is no public bathroom available.

Other important information: Given that there are children and chickens around, please do not bring your dog to this site, unless you plan to keep them closely leashed.

Image shows four people sitting on two benches on either side of a table, in a landscape of grass, flowering plants and trees. The table has a cloth covering and small objects such as candles and pinecones. Behind the table is a cloth banner that includes the word TZEDAKAH in Hebrew and an attached Nishmat Shoom logo.
Tzedakah Sacred Space set-up team

T’filah artwork by Ezra Rose for Nishmat Shoom

T’FILAH- Cultivating Divine-Connection/ Prayer (Amherst)

Location: Many Hands Farm, 132 Pelham Rd, Amherst, MA [Google map])

Open Hours: Dawn to dusk

Parking: The parking area is right off the main road, at the Many Hands wooden signs.

Directions: Look for the Nishmat Shoom signs to guide you! Go down the main road from the parking area. You will be surrounded by open fields and then go through a brief wooded area. You will arrive at the site where the main road bends to the right.

Other important information from the host: This is an active farm. All produce has already been purchased by share members. Please do not pick crops.

Accessibility: This site is flat grass and sandy gravel, and is not paved. The paths are wide enough and firm enough for a wheelchair to access them. It is a 0.2 miles distance from parking to the site. The ground has a 40 degree slope for a 100ft section of the road. If needed, you can drive your car all the way to the sacred space.

Bathroom: There is a porta-potty at the end of the parking area.