Days of Awe Ritual Guides

Nishmat Shoom has collectively decided to sunset this ritual project. Here are our past ritual guides as offerings for you own spiritual practice.

Ritual Guides

How to High Holiday This Year
[guide, on your own]
Start here: A guide from Dori Midnight to help you map your own journey leading up to and during the Days of Awe (from 5781, updated for 5782)

Selichot Ritual Guide
[guide, on your own]
Spiritually prepare for the Days of Awe with this guide from Randy Furash-Stewart and poet Dane Kuttler. (from 5781)

Nishmat Shoom Machzor supplement and playlist
[text, playlist, on your own]
Explore the Nishmat Shoom 5781 machzor supplement—for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur—and listen to our companion playlist!

[guide, on your own]
Perform the ritual of Tashlich on your own with guidance from ritual guide by Dori Midnight and Jo Kent Katz.

Yom Kippur D’var Torah
[text, on your own]
Dive into the Yom Kippur Torah portion with this D’var Torah by Megan Lieff from 5781.

Yizkor Ritual Guide
[guide, playlist, on your own]
Explore this ritual guide and playlist from Randy Furash-Stewart, Emily Eliot Miller, and Margot Seigle on your own time. Yizkor is an invitation to remember our dead, to feel them among us, and to support those among us who are deeply grieving.