Living with Death

A virtual space for Days of Awe

with EE Miller
September 13, 2020: noon-2pm (EST)
via Google Meet (in order to provide closed captioning)
Registration required (see details below).

Important information from EE:

“During Days of Awe Jewish liturgy and tradition invites us to reflect on our mortality, on our relationships with the divine, with our ancestors, and each other. This year we practice without an embodied communal space to grieve and honor our dead in community. I am facilitating this virtual gathering to hold space for mortals to connect around the universal experience of death.

This is a practice of listening to ourselves and to each other. You are invited to listen and to share your thoughts and feelings. I assume there will always be grief, illness, dying, and all the feelings that accompany these experiences in the (virtual) room. I am offering facilitation and witness, as opposed to professional grief counseling.

This is a tender and confidential space which means that participating requires some agreements:

• We will not share what we hear. We will not assume that the mortals here will want to discuss them in other settings.
• We will trust each other to take care of ourselves, being mindful of our individual edges and needs.
• We will refrain from advice-giving and cross talking.
• We will welcome pauses and silences between speakers as moments to reflect and re-ground.
• We will be mindful about making room for everyone who would like to speak.
• It is absolutely OK to pass on speaking.”

To participate: RSVP to to receive an invite/link.

EE Miller is a death educator and doula supporting individuals and groups, in all stages of life and health, as they prepare for and navigate death and grief. For more information: