Share and Witness the Days of Awe Online

This year, we are using all the tools available to us to witness our community. 
While we are apart and many of us may be isolated, we can still share our experiences and bear witness to one another. Before and after the Days of Awe, we invite you to use social media—in ways that fit your practices around technology—to document and share your experiences of preparing for, observing, and reflecting on the holidays—and tag Nishmat Shoom with @nishmatshoom and #nishmatshoom. We will be watching for what you share in the days after each holiday and we invite you to search for @nishmatshoom and #nishmatshoom to see what other Shoomies have shared.   

(We’d especially love to see how you’ve used our machzor, included items from our Ritual Care Packages, and experienced our community sacred spaces! But we’re also happy to see pictures of your dogs, living rooms, holiday outfits, break-fast feasts, and anything else you’d like to share.)

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Screenshot of Nishmat Shoom Instagram
View our “tagged” page on Instagram to see images in which Nishmat Shoom has been tagged.